What Is a Sliding Gate Electric Lock?

A sliding gate electric lock is an essential part of any automatic gate that has a width that exceeds over two meters. Unlike other locks that have a self-locking mechanism, it is always something that the motor cannot withstand, which is why an electric gate lock is essential. This is a specially designed lock that can be fitted in both manual steel, wrought iron sliding gates and swinging gates and automated sliding gates. They provide easy access control and remote locking and unlocking facility. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor gates to ensure security. These locks differ from other conventional closing systems that incorporate chains, padlocks, electromagnetic locks and a variety of other mechanical locks with shackles.

Electric locks in sliding gates have a high reliability locking system that is strong and cannot be attacked by the intruders from outside. They are failsafe and they operate on 12V or 24v AC or DC power and they have the cable entry on the back to ensure that there is maximum protection. These locks have become popular and are preferred due to their superior advantages over the conventional locks. They are easy to use and are weather proof and can be fitted on gate posts and fence posts as well. They are also corrosion proof and have a good retention capacity and resistance to any sort of security breach. Moreover, they can be easily installed for both right hand and left hand gates. They come with a roof plate and a fixing plate for easy installation. The locking and unlocking mechanism can be facilitated by using any kind of access control like a remote control, digital keypad or a card reader.

These locks have a rigid body. They have a heavy gauge weather sealed housing made of tough steel that makes them weather proof. They can be fixed horizontally on the upright part of the fixed sliding gate. Their opening impulse time is controlled by the electronic board which can also be interfaced with any kind of automation system for sliding gates. They have a replaceable coil and the cable entry is found at the back or at the side of the electric lock. Some locks have collision proof dead bolts that rotate and they are in turn protected by galvanized steel rotating rings that have high resistance to any attack. Some types of locks have an addition nickel plating to maximize the security. These sliding gate electric locks are quality tested to check if they are satisfying all the security standards and guidelines to make them serve their purpose well.

Certain electric sliding gate locks have a complex spike mechanism that are designed to withstand an amount of thermal expansion in sliding gates that are up to 9.6 mm in thickness and up to 8 mm in length. This is equivalent to a temperature change up to 100° C. Some locks are handy and are capable of locking the gates together. They have a good pull resistance and retention up to 2000 kg which is very reliable.