How to Make Your Home Safer For You and Your Family

If your home is left unoccupied throughout the day, you should take precautionary measures to prevent your home from being burglarized. Although, one of the best ways to protect your home is to have it monitored 24 hours a day by a professional home security company. The initial costs and monthly fees of this type of system may be more than many household budgets can afford. Fortunately, there are numerous other affordable home security systems that can be installed by the homeowner. Many of these devices are available at local home improvement stores. If you choose not to install a home security system, the below list of suggestions include easy and inexpensive ways for you to deter burglars and increase safety.

• Own a Dog – Most amateur burglars will avoid breaking into a house that has a dog. They are a simple and easy deterrent. Dogs bark, bite, and are unpredictable.

• Better Lighting – Illuminating your house and property is an easy way to deter burglars. There are many inexpensive motion activated outdoor lighting systems that are available today. The use of timers is also a good way to confuse potential burglars.

• Doors and Windows – Sensors are available that will set off an alarm if a door is pried open, broken, or if vibrations are detected. The alarm alone may scare away a burglar or at least allow you time to call the police. Make sure you lock your windows and doors. This may seem like a simple rule, but you must consider all the different ways your home could be broken into. These include: the front door, backdoor, man door to garage, and all of your first floor windows.

• Security Cameras – The installation of security cameras around your house will not only protect your house, but also your children while they are outside. If your house is broken into, at least you will be able to provide video evidence to the authorities to help capture the perpetrators.

• Close Your Window Coverings – Keep your curtains and blinds closed. This will make it harder for thieves to scope out your house. Leaving the blinds and curtains open will only allow thieves to see what is in your house of value. If they don’t know what is in your house, it may not be worth their while to break in.

• Avoid Announcing Vacations – Thieves are savvy, they use social media to their advantage. If a thief knows your home will be vacant, you just opened the door to be robbed.

• Ask Neighbors to Watch Your House – If possible, ask your neighbors to watch your house during the day for any suspicious activity. If your friends or neighbors see anything unusual, they could call the police so action can be taken immediately.

These simple steps will help you protect your home and give you peace of mind. There are many inexpensive ways to make your home safer and to deter burglaries, even if your house is left unoccupied during the day or at night. If your house is left vacant the same time every day, you are creating an opportunity for even the most inept burglar. The above mentioned inexpensive suggestions will make your home safer and protect you, your family, and your possessions.