Why Floor Stripping and Waxing Is Essential

If you are among those who love to see things organized and tidy, you must be using different techniques to acquire the same. When it comes to floor cleaning, the efforts get multiplied.

Ask any cleaning expert and decide what kind of services your floor requires. Whether it is simple cleaning or post construction cleaning, they can handle all.

The Cleaning Process

When you contact any commercial cleaner, the first thing that they do is vacuum your floors. The step ensures the removal of all loose particles. It removes dust and dirt properly. Then they apply a stripping solution to the surface. It helps them to clean the surface effectively. Once it is done, the scrubbing takes places. Different surfaces require special attention which cleaning experts can pay. Due to their expertise in cleaning, they are well-equipped to undertake the cleaning task. The stripping solution applied to the surface is left for few minutes.

After some time, the layers are penetrated and they properly scrub away the wax by using commercial scrubbing tools. Then they use clean water and rinse the floor and the step is repeated.

When the stripping is done, you need to leave the tiles to get dry. Once they get dry, they are ready for coating of wax. The entire process may continue for 6 to 8 hours depending on the size of the area that requires cleaning. It may vary in case of post construction cleaning. It includes drying time as well. It is best to be done in night when the footfalls are likely to be less.

Different types of Floor Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood flooring requires waxing to extend its life. Therefore, it is mandatory to apply new coats of wax twice in a year. It is important to retain its natural shine and buffing can be a great help. The surface requires a water proof wax coat as any liquid can destroy your stores.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

If your home has vinyl floor that is just installed, it needs to be waxed 48 hours once installation is done. The cleaning on this surface should be done after every six months. Wax should be applied directly to the surface.

Masonry Floor Cleaning

Masonry flooring involves same cleaning methods as a vinyl surface clearing requires. The only difference is it requires a sealing and a vinyl variety does not. You can simply apply masonry floor sealer which you can get from any hardware store.