Top 10 Quick Fixes For Your House

Big or small, all houses need repairs, renovation and improvements now and again. Even a small adjustment or quick fixes can make a big difference in your way of living and also, increase your property value.

Here are some of the best quick fixes you can make around your house.

Fixing the squeaky floor

Squeaky floors can be noisy affairs, especially if you have kids running around the house. For a temporary fix, sprinkle some talcum powder over the noisy area and sweep it into the cracks. Be sure to remove any traces of powder. This will fix the squeakiness of the floor for some time.

Hide scratches in woodwork

Any piece of art does not deserve to have scratches on them. You can hide scratches on your antique furniture or any fine woodwork by applying a coat of pigmented wax or a pigmented polishing fluid, also known as scratch cover. This will remove all the fine scratches in the woodwork and give it a better look.

Keeping the stainless spotless

The best way to keep the stainless steel spotless is not by using a stainless-steel cleaner, but a glass cleaner that contains no ammonia or alcohol. The glass cleaner will remove all the fingerprints or any other stains.

Fixing the squeaky door hinges

Squeaking of the door can be a very disturbing sound. You can quickly remove squeaky door hinges by spraying a lubricant onto the hinges. Move the door back and forth to work with the lubricant. You can also try rubbing the hinges with petroleum jelly. If these tricks don’t work, lift the hinge pins about halfway and lubricate them with three-in-one oil, using a rag to catch drips. Removing squeaky door can be a way of home improvement.

Fixing unfurled wallpaper

The unfurled wallpaper does not paint a pretty picture of your home condition. To fix this, spread the wallpaper paste onto a piece of writing paper with a knife. Now rub the paper against the underside of the peeling section. Gently, press the wallpaper against the wall and slide the writing paper out. Remember to smooth away bubbles with a clean cloth.

Removing the wallpaper bubble

You can remove the wallpaper bubbles by making a tiny slice through each bubble with a sharp razor knife. Then take an artist’s syringe and inject a small amount of glue behind the paper. Artist syringe is a plastic, needle-tipped tool available from craft shops. Smooth the area with a wallpaper brush or a dry paint roller, and use a damp sponge to gently wipe away any glue that squeezes out.

Powering up the shower

If your shower power has decreased, the most probable reason is the mineral deposit clogged in the shower head. The quickest way to power up your shower is to gently unscrew the pipe and remove the deposit. If you have a bit of time, then you can soak the shower head in the vinegar solution overnight.

Washing and cleaning a chandelier

A chandelier can really lighten the atmosphere in any occasion. But it is also just the place for the dust to settle. The simplest way to wash away the dust is by using the hand wearing gloves. Wear a pair of cotton gloves – one dry and one dampened with glass cleaner. Wipe each prism with the damp glove, and then give it a shine using the dry one. (For crystal, use one part rubbing alcohol to three parts distilled water).

Removing bathtub stains

To remove bathtub stains, prepare a paste with equal amounts of tartar cream, baking soda and plenty of lemon juice. Apply the mixture into the stain and let it do its magic for about half an hour. Then rinse well with water for a clean looking bathtub.

Reviving parched cutting boards

After a certain period of time, the shine in the parched cutting boards deteriorates. You can revive the glisten in the cutting boards by applying mineral oil. First gently warm a bottle of pure mineral oil (available at drugstores) in a bowl of hot water. Then, wipe the oil onto the surface with a soft cloth and the end product is a new looking cutting board.

So with these little quick fixes, you can spruce up your home in an inexpensive way. It can instantly change your way of living and also people’s perception of your home. And not to forget, the increase in your property value.