How to Remodel Your Empty Nest

Your child or children have moved out of the house, gone to college or are embarking on a new career and you now have the home to yourself. That old feeling you experienced that you were running low on space is now gone, replaced with an air of excitement to possibly remodel your now empty nest.

Once a child is gone, some parents prefer to leave their bedroom as is for a few years. Perhaps that child has now grown up and has a home of their own. It becomes time to put the room to use. Parents that are not interested in downsizing or moving into a smaller house or apartment find that transforming their child’s old room can be a fun and exciting project. But transform it into what? With that question in mind, the following are some interesting remodeling ideas for your empty nest.

The guest bedroom

Making a few small adjustments to your child’s bedroom can easily convert it into an overnight convenience for guests. Relatives of friends staying for an extended visit will appreciate these simple accommodations over that of the living room couch.

The home office

A home office is an excellent idea and a great place to start as a remodeling project for your newly empty nest. Whether you are self-employed or have a job that allows you to work from a remote location, having a place to work at in your home can be a great convenience. Where your child once did homework is now a place to write your own memos and update spreadsheets. Crunch your budget and do your taxes and if you plan to meet clients, the inclusion of a couple chairs or a couch placed under the installation of full-spectrum lighting will create a cozy yet professional atmosphere in your new home office.

The crafts room

Whether recreationally or professionally, transforming the empty bedroom into an arts and crafts room can offer multiple uses. Lots of natural light through your windows and good ventilation provides a great place for the budding painter. Plenty of shelving space and cubbyholes are great to store multitudes of supplies in a neat and organized fashion leaving the closets to hold larger items. Other benefits to this idea is that it can quickly become the gift-wrapping station during the holidays.

The home gym

Transforming an unused bedroom into a home gym can happen pretty quickly with the installation of a treadmill, stationary bike or other equipment. Whether you are maintaining your current good health or making a commitment to get into better shape, a home gym may just be what the doctor ordered. Keeping an eye on your form and exercise technique will be easy the installation of a full-length mirror. A large-screen TV to view instructional videos, or to simply watch entertainment and keep you distracted during your workout should be enough to keep you running.

The entertainment room

Also requiring a large-screen TV, this “media room” is a great use of an unoccupied bedroom. Stocking it with a stereo system, surround-sound and a computer with internet connection will enable you to stream videos and music. Some comfy couches will make it all that more inviting.

Choosing the right room and getting the right look doesn’t take an expert. Evaluating your desires and needs leading up to the remodeling of your empty nest will surely result in filling it with happiness. Consult with decorating professionals for assistance in creating the brand new look you want for your home. Now is a great time for a home remodel or bathroom renovation.