5 Big Mistakes Homeowners Make When Remodeling a House

When working around the house there are many challenges to be tackled and as many lessons to be learned. One lesson everyone wants to master is how to avoid costly mistakes when tackling big projects around the house.

Here’s My List of the 5 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make when Remodeling a House:

1. Short Changing the Kitchen: It’s not news that kitchens are the heart of a home but if that is the case why are we shy about delivering big design punches right in the heart of the house? Maybe your budget does not allow for the all latest and greatest of everything; but know that the comfort of your home will be impacted when you offer up vintage tile counter tops, questionable cabinet styles and comically colored appliances.

My Short List for a Great Kitchen:

a. warm toned wood or tile floors

b. modern cabinet designs with stylish hardware and pulls

c. slab counter-tops (granite, quartzite, marble..etc.) and high-concept, full-height back splashes

d. stainless steel or better appliances

2. Anything Less Than an Open Floor Plan: Given the active nature of family life today the “open floor plan” is an important feature appreciated by homeowners, particularly young couples with children. In older homes this can mean moving a wall or two. Yes it’s an expense but time and experience has proven this investment pays off handsomely each and every day you live in your home.

3. Corner Cutting In the Bathrooms: Every home has at least one (bathroom) and it’s an opportunity to deliver memorable moments without breaking the bank. Yet how many times do we see old porcelain fixtures, scratched stainless steel faucets and inadequate lighting? At every price point owners today expect a “Spa Experience” and will pay for something that moves them in that direction. Leverage your own “Spa Experience” and gain value along the way.

4. Mismatched Hardware Finishes: A quick way to tag yourself as a remodeling newbie is to mix the finishes on your cabinet hardware, handles and lights. If you have decided to work with what you have got and you have polished brass then any additions you make in that room need to be polished brass. If you’re working from an empty shell the choice is yours (nickel, brass, bronze… etc.) and the key is consistency. This is a small but telling detail.

5. Mistaking “Polar Bear in a Snowstorm” for a Paint Color: A fresh coat of white paint should not be confused for a smart decorating move. Remember there are more than 50 Shades of White in any paint deck. In fact a quick count shows me will over 100 shades of white. And make no mistake about it, there are strong pluses and equally strong minuses associated with the use of each. Clear emotional reactions are associated with color and you want only the most positive emotions associated with your home. Get the color pallet right and you’re golden. Get it wrong and you have missed an opportunity to create real and lasting comfort.