Tips to Remove Bees

Finding a beehive near your home can be troublesome and something that needs to be dealt with. To get rid of the beehive you can do it yourself or call in professionals. Bees belong to the wasp and ant family and can be found on all continents except for the Antarctica. Bees do play a vital role in the ecosystem. They are pollinators and produce beeswax and honey. When you see a few bees you do not have anything to worry about. You should keep watch to make sure that more bees are not coming into the area. The first bees that you see could be scouts that are looking for a new location to start a new hive.

If you are seeing an area where there is a lot of bee activity, be careful and keep from being stung. If bees do not find an appropriate place on a tree to build a hive, they may make a hive in any gap they come across. Special care has to be taken against honeybees because once a colony is made they will stick permanently to it.

If you are going to do hive removal yourself here are some tips to help you accomplish this goal.

• First, and most important, is to wear layered clothing. You should make sure that all areas of your body are covered when going anywhere near a beehive. Tuck your shirt into your pants and your pants legs into socks. Make sure that you have on tennis shoes and gloves for your hands. If you have a scarf, facemask, and hat wear them all.

• Once you are totally covered, spray them with insecticide. Make sure that you get the right insecticide for bees because regular household insecticide will not be beneficial. Spry it at the entrance to the hive and on the hive to make sure that all of the bees in and out of the hive are killed. This process will eventually kill all the bees.

• After most of the bees have been killed smoke the area around the hive to kill any that are present in the hive. Leave the smoke stay for a while. This will make sure that any bee that was out in search of food and comes back to the hive will be driven away or killed.

• After all of the bees have been killed go up to the hive, while still covered. It is now time to do a beehive removal so the bees do not try to take up residence there. You can either burn it, which is the best option, or throw it away.

Following these tips will make sure that bee removal is done safely with no stings.