Mosquitoes and Hurricane Matthew – What Is Going On?

Mosquitoes are difficult to deal with under normal circumstances. But add in Hurricane Matthew and you’ve got a serious problem!

Why are the mosquitoes so bad after Hurricane Matthew? And why are they so big and aggressive? As far as mosquitoes are concerned, Hurricane Matthew has been the perfect storm and it’s all about water.

Standing water is the necessary ingredient to breed skeeters and what better way to blanket an entire region with standing water than a hurricane? Hurricane Matthew dropped an astounding 20 inches of rain in certain areas. Everywhere became an opportunity for breeding mosquitoes.

But that is not all. Hurricane Matthew had a remarkable storm surge in combination with the rainfall. A storm surge is when the tidal waters swell far more than normal. The sea water is pushed ashore into areas that have remained dry for weeks, months and even years. Charleston, SC had the third highest recorded tides ever. The storm surge from Matthew ranged between 8 and 12 feet above normal. Although the water has receded, there are now a gazillion new breeding sites for dormant mosquito eggs to hatch.

In addition to regular mosquitoes, there are also Salt Marsh Mosquitoes thanks to the storm surge. These blood suckers are HUGE and they are very aggressive. These aren’t just your typical dawn and dusk biters… No, these monsters are active 24/7, anytime a food source comes near.

These pests continue to be an issue because there remain ample breeding sites. Sure, water remains in gutters, patio furniture and other typical sites. But add in the upturned roots of trees and the piles and piles and piles of debris and millions of new breeding sites have been created. All you need is a teaspoon of water to breed mosquitoes and the possible locations for that amount of water to remain after a hurricane is so numerous, it is incomprehensible.

And the next time it rains, the cycle will start all over again. NO! So what can you do?

Protect yourself and your family using non-chemical pest control. A natural product containing cedar is especially effective. This is not the time for DEET or other toxic, synthetic chemicals. Protection can be done without using poisons!

If you must spend time outdoors, wear long sleeves and pants. For added protection, infuse your clothes with natural cedar product by adding some into your laundry. For your dogs, add some into the bath water to create a mosquito barrier. Or you can create an entire pest-free property by distributing the natural cedar product through your irrigation system.

Nature has proven its enormous power in Hurricane Matthew. Now you can harness another power from Nature by controlling the mosquitoes using cedar.