Granite Vs Every Other Countertop

Granite, quartz, tile, concrete-the options for countertops are nearly endless. Here’s a little secret: Granite (real granite) is the absolute best option. It lasts longer than marble, wood, laminate and other popular materials as long as you take care of it. Choosing granite is like getting into a long-term relationship with your dream partner. Treat it right, and it’ll return the favor.

Genuine granite is formed in the magma chambers of volcanoes. When it isn’t wasted in an eruption, it cools slowly over several thousand years before finally arriving at the earth’s surface. At this point it’s now ready to be cut into slabs, shaped and polished into the countertop of your dreams. In other words, it’s worth the wait. However, it does need some TLC. The majority of granite countertops aren’t adequately protected or sealed upon installation, but many homeowners don’t know that.

Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your granite for life.

Prepping Your Countertops for Life

Like most natural materials, granite is actually pretty porous. A good sealant will last for a lifetime and not just protect the granite, but also help keep your kitchen sanitized and looking its best. As an added bonus, a good sealant will also cut your cleanup time in half-that alone is enough to make it worthwhile

When it comes to durability, nothing compares to custom granite countertops. After “surviving” in the depths of a volcano and lasting several generations already, it’s going to take a serious attack to harm those countertops. Not even your “aggressive cooking skills” are enough to do severe damage to granite.

That’s important considering your kitchen is the heart of your home, so trust that it can take a beating. Those hectic holiday meals, searing hot pots placed directly on the granite when you forget to put down a buffer, homework projects and harsh chemical cleaners can all do a number on the counters. But when you have a proven material like granite, there’s no worry over peeling, chips, cracks or bubbles.

Staying Power

Trends come and go, but the classics will always remain on trend. Natural stone like granite was highly desired in the 70s when those gold veined mirrors were in fashion, the 80s when neon was all the rage and even in the 90s when that golden maple woodwork was everywhere. Granite is the little black Channel dress of countertops, and it will remain highly valued and never out of date for the life of your kitchen.

Of course, such a hot commodity can also come at a higher price than the “competition,” like laminate. So is granite worth it? Anyone who’s been lucky enough to own or live in a home with granite countertops will tell you a hearty, “Yes!” Once you’ve had a taste of luxury, you can’t go back. Countertops take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen. Make sure the first impression is a great one.