Terminating Dust Mites From Your Home

Have you ever woke up with itchy red eyes tiredness, head ache or a running nose.These are the clear evidences of dust mite’s existence in your mattress. Proper removal of them should be ensured for a healthy living. They gather in your home due to the excess moisture content at your home. They cannot be detected by naked eyes. So proper cleaning techniques should be adopted to terminate them.

While vacuuming your carpets make sure that you move all the furniture so that you get to clean all portions of your carpet and not just the center of it. By the use of a hygrometer you can measure the humidity level in your rooms. Make use of the hygrometer and keep the humidity level below 50% so that dust-mites will not be able to survive any more in that particular room. A de-humidifier can come in use in this case. Apart from vacuuming twice in a week, wash your bed clothes in boiling hot water once in a week. This can kill the them that are accumulated in your bed sheets and pillows. Usage of commercial cleansers is also advised to destroy them. Make sure your wardrobe or closet is always kept closed.This is because clothes are a very cozy location where the dust-mites find it very comfortable to survive. Washing your clothes in lukewarm water with suitable detergents proves to be an effective way of fighting them.

Ensure your air ducts are always clean. Air ducts are not cleansed often and this helps the dust-mites to survive safely at your home. Hiring the service of a professional duct cleaner can give better results than you cleaning it on your own. Do not forget to change the air filter of your air conditioning system on a regular basis. An air conditioner with unclean filter blows out dust and mold.Use of a vapor steam cleaner is also an effective way to remove them. Always try to use dust-mite covers to cover your mattress. This could reduce the accumulation of them and other allergens on your bed to a large extent.

An old fashioned technique of removing dust-mites from your carpets and rugs is to lay them flat on snow outside your home. Leave them undisturbed for some time. Freezing cold weather kills all of them that exist in your mattress. Remember to pat dry the carpets and rugs before bringing them inside as you do not want to bring in any moisture along with them.