What are the basic lighting design requirements for a basement?

Lighting design is something that is an integral part of the design process of the house, however, many homeowners leave it for the end, and then they regret it. one should take the lighting design to be something as important as other tasks in the design process. The same goes for the basement of the house. if you too have an unfinished basement in the house and now you are looking forward to hiring some basement finishing Denver, then this is the right time to consider the lighting as well.

The requirements for the lighting design vary for the different types of basement. If you have a basement that you are using for storage and it is not used frequently, then spending a lot of money on these lights would not be advisable, however, if you are finishing the basement and you want it to be functional as well, then it is important to get the design of the lights in a better way.

  • When your basement is uninhabited

When your basement is not inhabited, then the simple rule to remember is that there should be at least one functional light in every room of the basement. If there is only one hall-like area in the basement, then there should at least be two lights on each end of the basement. More than two can also serve the purpose.

  • When used as a living space

If you are using the basement as a living space, then you need to remember the following things about the lighting up of the basement.

  • Make sure that every room has at least one light that lights up the room fully
  • Remember that you have to assign the switches for the lights to the walls. Each switch must be located near the entrance of the room so that anyone going in there can use it easily
  • The entrance to the basement also needs to have a good amount of light so that it lights up the stairs when you are getting in there
  • The entrance hall should also have a good amount of light

When you are designing the lighting for the basement, be sure to consider the permits for the lighting in your area as there can be some restrictions that you are unaware of and could get you into some kind of trouble.

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