Tips for a Successful Awning Installation

Installing an awning in your backyard or patio is a great way to add instant shade and protection from the sun during the summer months. But awning installation is not as simple as cutting down a tree to fit the awning, mounting it, and watching it go in and out all day long.

Depending on your geographical location, awning installation near Scottsdale AZ may be a difficult task. If you have any questions about installing awnings on your own, the following tips are worth reading:

Check for existing building code restrictions in your area. Exterior walls must be at least four feet away from any structure on the property, including detached homes, garages, storage sheds, or any other structure that is considered a barrier by the local government.

In addition, any awning installation on privately owned land (including undeveloped land) must be under the authority of the property owner. Even if the property is inside a community association, any awning installation that exceeds the required measurements for regulation is prohibited by the community board.

Check the condition of the awning installation.

If you believe there may be damage, take pictures and get information about it. Do not wait until damage actually occurs to request an inspection and repairperson to inspect and repair the damage. The best time to conduct an inspection of the awning installation is after the sun has risen or after a storm. An inspector will be able to spot problems before they become serious.

Professional installation of awning is always recommended, and one of the most important reasons is that solar heat collected by the awning can potentially cause a safety hazard. If awning installation contains a solar heating system or contains parts that are electrically conductive, a potential problem exists with the installation.

In the case of a solar heating system, the risk of a fire could occur if the wiring or ducts become overloaded, become wet, leak, or leak. In the case of awnings containing aluminum or copper pipes, a buildup of frost will eventually form on these pipes which can increase the risk of fire. It is always better to hire a professional installation service to install window awnings so that no one gets injured during or after the installation process.

The awning installation should always be done away from areas that have access such as driveways, sidewalks, walkways, etc. If awnings are to be used around water sources such as faucets, washing machines, sprinkler heads, etc., the installation should be done in an area that does not have the potential for backing up into a body of water.

If the installation is done in such a way that there is access to the water source, the awning could become damaged when the ground underneath it freezes during the winter. Such a situation could result in leaking that could cause excess moisture to collect under the awning and can damage the materials used.

Installing a motorized awning can be very easy if done by a professional. Motorized awning installation is a great solution for areas that need an awning, but do not have a large number of windows or exterior walls that can support awning installation. Many homeowners prefer a motorized awning installation because they provide much more flexibility than manual ones.

When setting up a motorized awning, one must make sure that all the pipes leading to the motor are located behind the motor and that there is a good foundation on the exterior walls of the home that is used as a base. These tips can help to ensure that a professional awning installation service can properly install your motorized awning.

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