Helpful Tips When It Comes to Wallpaper Removal

If you are thinking about wallpaper removal, this article will help to point you in the right direction. Wallpaper is one of those things that everyone wants to keep clean, but only a few people actually do it.

But when you need to take care of your home, wallpaper removal is one of the last things you should worry about. This article gives you some helpful tips on removing wallpaper with minimal effort.


Before painting anything, especially old wallpaper removal is the best thing to do. Removing wallpaper from walls that are painted over is tough work, but it does not need to be terrible. But just like anything else, if you do not know what you are doing or you get started to get frustrated, then you may ruin your walls or otherwise stop the process before the work is completed.

For instance, if you buy some wallpaper removal paint and try to scrub at the wallpaper with a hard bristled brush, then chances are good you will damage the wallpaper, or even scratch it. Not good. The best thing to do is to use products specifically designed for removing wallpaper from walls that are painted over.


Many people do not realize that some of the products used for removing wallpaper glue are also good for removing wallpaper adhesive as well. It is a good idea to try both types of products to see which one works best for the task. Some strippable wallpaper removal products are designed to do both tasks.

Also, the tips below will help you keep your job clean. Just remember, though, if the product you purchase is designed to remove wallpaper adhesive, then it will also work on removing wallpaper glue as well.


Although stripping wallpaper is one of the best techniques for removing wallpaper from walls, there are times when it is not the best method. If the wallpaper has some type of finish on it, such as wallpaper paste or paper-based glues, then you may want to try a different technique for removing it.

You may have better luck if the surface where the wallpaper is located has a smooth finish to it. If the surface has rough edges or grooves, then stripping the wallpaper may actually push the imperfections into the wall and ruin the whole thing.

So, while there is no universal rule for removing wall paper, there are plenty of different methods that you can try that may work. Keep in mind that if you decide to try a house hold product for removing wall paper, you should never leave any type of cleaners in contact with you and your skin.

Always wash your hands thoroughly afterwards to prevent any cross contamination. By following the above tips, you should be able to keep your skin and clothes healthy and clean without the risk of infection or allergic reactions.

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