Types of HVAC Equipment

No matter what climate you may live in, you probably rely on HVAC systems to keep your property comfortable at some point during the year. Whether you use your appliances year-round or only during select stretches of summer or winter, heating and cooling systems have become a part of everyday life. Today’s appliances are more efficient, reliable, and powerful than ever, and they are an integral part of every home and business. Here are some of the most common types of heating and cooling appliances you’ll encounter.

Air conditioners are essential to keeping warm temperatures at bay during the warmer months. Some are simple window units that have a relatively small energy intake, while others are giant machines that can cool entire factories. An AC is designed to process the air that enters the machine and propel cooled air back through a property. While air is most commonly dispersed throughout a property using ducts, there are now ductless systems as well.

For properties with duct systems, heaters typically utilize the same infrastructure to disperse heat throughout a property. The H in HVAC stands for heating, and these appliances are critical to keeping properties warm when it’s cold outside. In colder climates, these appliances see their fair share of usage. Heaters work in a similar manner to air conditioners. A furnace generates heated air that is then propelled throughout a property.

Heat pumps are also common appliances that can impact a property’s interior temperature. They do so by either pumping heat indoors or outside, depending on the season. During warm months, it pumps heat outdoors to create a cooler interior. In the winter, it draws heat from outside to create a warmer indoor climate.

As you can see, there’s a full range of HVAC equipment for every climate. If you’re looking to invest in a heating and cooling system, you’ll have many options to consider. There are appliances for every price range and need. It’s also a good idea to invest in highly efficient appliances. An efficient appliance can effectively heat or cool your property while using less energy. As a result, you won’t have to pay as much for monthly bills. While a highly efficient appliance is often more expensive, the extra cost will be worth it after a few years time. An air conditioner or heater is a sizable investment, and you’ll want to purchase one that will hold its value for years to come. Do some research to see what appliances are available, and talk to a contractor to determine which ones are perfect for your property. Whether you want to improve the temperature inside your home or business, you’ll be amazed at what a powerful climate control appliance can do.