Three Unbeatable Benefits Of Green HVAC Control Systems

Overhauling your current HVAC control systems may seem like a tiresome job. There are justifications galore you can come up with to avoid sacking your outdated cooling and heating units in favor of a so-called green system. However, whether for your business or within your home, going green where your HVAC is concerned can present tremendous payoffs in the long run. The following are just a few benefits of upgrading to energy-efficient ventilation.

1: A Real Money Saver

The average cost of installing a new heating and cooling setup in a home is $7,000. This does not take into account the removal and disposal of the equipment being replaced. Though this may seem a bit pricey, it does not compare to the amount of money you will save long-term with an energy efficient climate control arrangement.

Heating and cooling equipment that is government-certified by way of the Energy Star typically reduces the average monthly energy bill by 10 to 15 percent. This reduction alone can pay for the upgrade over time.

Your home’s value increases when it is more energy efficient. A revamped ventilation and climate control setup is a major home improvement project with an obvious money-saving incentive. Therefore, the resale value of your home automatically increases. Though you may not be planning to sell your home anytime soon, this new feature can boost its marketability and attract great offers in the future, thus putting more money back into your pocket.

2: Environmentally-friendly

According to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) the emission of CO2 in the United States has increased seven percent between 1990 and 2013. CO2, also known as Carbon Dioxide, is emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels, oil, and natural gas. Research shows that due to a major increase in CO2 emissions, the Earth’s climate is changing drastically.

Green HVAC control systems can significantly decrease CO2 emissions at your home or place of business. Considering that 37 percent of gas emissions in the US is caused by electrical energy usage, your contribution to an improved environment would be helpful.

3: Quiet

Many older heating and cooling units are unnecessarily loud. Though the sound they produce is merely white noise, this disturbs individuals who worry about noise pollution. A quieter HVAC set up can help keep your home calm and quiet. This is most noticeable during the peak of winter, and in the middle of summer, when furnaces and air conditioners are running nonstop.

If you can help your environment, keep your home quiet, and best of all, save money, are new HVAC control systems worth the upfront expense? With just a little bit of time devoted to the upgrade, along with a one-time payment, you can benefit from immediate and lasting results.