Cannabidiol CBD (CBD): What We Know, And What We Don’t?

Cannabidiol or CBD is often discussed in the media. CBD-infused sports bras are even available. But what exactly is CBD, and how can you get it? Why is CBD so popular?

What’s The Difference Between Marijuana, Cannabis, And Cannabidiol?

The second most widely used active ingredient of cannabis (marijuana) is. Or, it’s manufactured in a laboratory. CBD, one component in marijuana, is not enough to cause a “high”. The World Health Organization reports that CBD in humans does not show any signs of abuse or dependence  No evidence has been found to show that CBD can cause health problems in the public.

Legality Of Cannabidiol

The FDA eased some of the regulatory requirements in December 2015 so that researchers could conduct CBD trials. The Farm Bill in 2018 made hemp legal across the United States. It makes it virtually impossible to keep CBD illicit.

The Farm Bill eliminated all hemp-derived goods, including CBD from the Controlled Substances Act. The Act criminalizes possession. This means CBD is legal if the product is made from hemp, but not if it is derived from marijuana (marijuana), even though it has the same chemical structure. You can purchase CBD online right now without a license for medical marijuana, which is legal in most states.

The Evidence To Support Cannabidiol’s Benefits For Health

CBD has been touted to treat a variety of health issues. However, the strongest scientific evidence supports its effectiveness for treating some of the most severe childhood epilepsy disorders, like Dravet or Lennox Gastaut (LGS), who typically don’t respond effectively to antiseizure medicine. CBD was found to reduce seizures and in some cases even stop them. Epidiolex, which is a CBD-derived medicine, was approved by FDA in these conditions.

Both animal research and human self-reports suggest that CBD might also aid with:

  • Anxiety Researchers and clinical trials are investigating the common report CBD can lower anxiety.
  • Insomnia. Recent studies show that CBD can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Chronic discomfort. Human studies are necessary to prove that CBD can reduce pain. Other research suggests CBD could reduce the severity of neuropathic or inflammatory pains, which can be very difficult to treat.
  • Addiction. Research in humans has shown that CBD can lower the desire to use tobacco or heroin under certain circumstances. The effects of CBD on addiction in animals suggest that it can reduce cravings for alcohol, cannabis, or opiates.

CBD Safety?

CBD can increase blood thinners and other medicines by competing with the liver enzymes, which are responsible for breaking down the drugs. Grapefruit also has similar effects when combined with certain medicines.

CBD users who consume high amounts of CBD might have liver issues. This is the same effect as many other non-prescription drugs, like Tylenol or Acetaminophen. Regular CBD use should be disclosed to your doctor.

CBD is only sold and marketed as a product, not a drug. The FDA is currently not able to regulate the safety or purity of dietary supplements. We don’t yet know the optimal CBD dosage for any medical condition.

Where Can I Get CBD?

CBD can come in many forms. You can find it in oils, capsules extracts, patches, and vapes and you can buy CBD oil, drops, etc online. Also, you can get topical preparations of CBD for skin application. The best way to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles is with a topical CBD-infused cream, lotion, or oil. Another option is to place a CBD patch under the tongue or a tincture/spray underneath the tongue to allow CBD to enter the bloodstream.

The Bottom Line On Cannabidiol

Some CBD manufacturers have come under fire from the government for making indefensible claims. They claim CBD is a miracle cure for cancer, COVID-19. More research is needed to prove that CBD can be helpful and relatively non-toxic in managing anxiety, insomnia, pain, and chronic inflammation. Insufficient high-quality evidence has been provided in human studies. It is difficult to determine the exact dose and CBD is generally available unregulated.

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