Infuse Color and Warmth in Your Home by Using Spanish Ceramic Tiles

Spanish ceramic tiles have been an essential element of design and architecture everywhere across the world since many years. Today, these tiles can be found in over 180 countries and with each culture applying its own style, colors, and formats. As a result, the ceramic tiles have not only become adaptive but also diverse in their creative appeal thus making your home colorful and warm. The largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles is Spain who accounts for 50% of the exports across the world due to their technologically advanced products and excellent quality!

Trends in Spanish Ceramic Tiles

Until the recent past, ceramic tiles were mostly used for bathrooms and kitchen walls. However, today they have endless uses: use it in your kitchen, your living room, or your front porch. Going one step ahead, you can even use these tiles to make the exterior of your home look bright and inviting! Available in a wide range of color, shapes, dimensions, a great finish, customization option, and easy maintenance makes Spanish ceramic tiles very user and budget friendly!

However, the minimalist trend seen in architecture and interior design is fast gaining popularity in the ceramic tile industry. The Spanish tile manufactures have drawn inspiration from history (1960’s and 70’s) to offer more decorative and graphically colored tiles as an alternative to this minimalist trend.

Mentioned below are some of the latest trends for these tiles:


There are two basic trends in color: Bright colors for a more contemporary feel and soft pastels in response to the minimalist trend or soft shades of white, which can be used to produce a strong contrast with matt or sheen finish as generally is the case with ceramic products.


Formats are rectangular, still adhering to the horizontality of the rooms. The horizontal format is hugely popular in ceramic tiles for all decorative styles. As we step into a technologically driven era; new choices are available, opening up new options for creative solutions. Make your walls look more interesting by laying the borders vertically! The Spanish Ceramic Tile collections now offer you even greater decorative potential and may be used both in interiors as well as for external wall coverings such as ventilated facades.


The tile manufacturers are now producing tiles, which reflect the current trends in interiors. The ceramic tile industry is simplifying the designs in its product offer and using vividly colored symbols and shapes on white backgrounds.

The focus of the “Pop” trend on the whole is using floor tiles, which complement the wall tiles in single colors of related shades. This trend is retro and cool!!

Combinations of materials

Combination of ceramic with different materials provides you with a whole new world of experimentation. Use glass resins, plastics along with wood to lend a warm feel to your home!