Consider Marble as a Flooring Choice In Addition to Hardwood Floors

You are in the market for new flooring and wisely doing all the research you can before you head out to the stores. Perhaps your carpeting has become worn. or too dirty to be cleaned with steam cleaning. You may just be tired of vacuuming and want to consider hardwood floors. Or maybe its the hardwood floor you are tired of. and the daily sweeping and frequent waxing that is involved. One of the best alternatives to either of these as a floor covering is marble tiles. There is such a great selection of different types of floor treatments that you should not limit yourself to any one thing.

Marble tiles offer tremendous choice of color. shape and size. but you can even choose different textures in your marble floors. Smooth or rough finishes are available and the number of designs you can choose from is almost limitless: squares. swirls. as well as custom hand painted designs. Make sure you have a very good idea of your existing decorating scheme before you go shopping for your marble floor tiles. These tiles are are available at many retailers. from high end specialists to home supply centers. Marble floor tiles are sold by the square foot; have your measurements ready and also buy a few extra tiles in case any become damaged while they are being installed. You may be able to request samples of marble tiles to try out in your home and see how they go with your existing decor. This is a great way to match the colors of your walls and furniture. or to pick new paint and fabric. It will also help you to decide upon the correct texture for your home.

Once your beautiful marble floor tile is professionally installed. start taking proper care of it from day one. Make sure you only use the products that are suited for marble floor tiles and recommended by the manufacturers. The manufacturer will recommend the proper cleaners. sealers and polishers for your marble tiles. But even before you begin to use these products. make sure you sweep the surface free of dust and debris. Mix your cleaning agent according to instructions and use a clean rayon or sponse mop to clean the tiles with. These kinds of mops are non abrasive and will not cause scratches on the surface. as other mops might. You don’t have to rinse or wipe your marble floor. but you should allow the marble floor to dry completely before you allow traffic. Marble floor tiles are the ideal surface for bathrooms. kitchens. foyers and hallways. Just watch elegant marble turn a dull area into a dramatic space. Marble is easy to care for and lasts forever (just think of the centuries-old marble in Italy and Greece).

The one disadvantage of marble floor tiles is the expense. Most fine marble tiles come from abroad and that contributes to the cost. However. if you watch for specials at the home improvement centers and specialty retailers. you may come across a sale from time to time. Marble floor tile is a beautiful. elegant. timeless way to update your home.