Top Tips to Finding an Electricity Supplier

Many homeowners don’t realize that they are actually in control of the electricity suppliers they use. You have the ability to compare rates and then switch suppliers if you feel it will benefit you and your family.

Some areas throughout the country have deregulated energy supplies. This means that there are no controls in place to determine price and supplies are competing against each other to provide customers with the best deals. These companies negotiate directly, coming up with fantastic offers which are there for you to take advantage of.

Before you start looking at electricity supplier’s price comparison sites, it’s important you know what you spend on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This can help you determine if you are finding a better deal in the long run. Be specific when choosing companies to ensure that over a year period, you will save money.

You can approach each of the electricity suppliers directly and see what deals they can offer or you can choose a comparison site. Comparison sites can save you time and energy and ensure you find the best possible deal for you and your family.

In most cases you will need to complete a simple form which gives the site your basic information, such as your current energy consumption and price. They then get to work to find you a selection of companies in the area that provide this service, giving you complete control over the future of your energy.

You will find you are offered two rates, there are fixed and variable options available, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some families prefer fixed rates, knowing exactly what they will pay each and every month, while others prefer variable, where they can pay less when the prices drop. This is something you should take your time in deciding, read up on the options and learn about them, making an informed decision on which is the best choice to meet your household budget.

Bear in mind that when prices drop, variable payers will find their bills decrease, but when prices rise, their bills will increase. At the same time those with fixed prices won’t take advantage of the lowered rates, but they won’t be faced with increased bills should the prices increase at any stage.

Another serious consideration before you start using an electricity suppliers price comparison site to find great deals is check your current contract. If you still have time to go on your current contract you may have to pay a penalty fee in order to cancel early. In some cases the savings you can enjoy by switching can outweigh the penalty fee payable.

Always look at the different payment options available from the various electricity suppliers. Most companies will offer you monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly bills. This is entirely up to you and choosing should be based on what meets your budget. Most people prefer monthly so they are not caught out by a large bill a few months down the line, which they are unable to pay.

Always find out what the contract length will be before you sign for any supply. This is imperative, because you may find that a year down the line there is another company offering lower rates and you aren’t able to change without paying a heavy cancellation fee.

Check to see what their cancellation fee is should this occur, keeping yourself prepared and covered at all times.

Finally, you will want to check all electricity suppliers price comparison sites to see what discounts are being offered by which of the companies. Some companies offer their customers good discounts on an annual basis, which can make switching to them a worthwhile consideration in the long run.