Getting the Best Home Insulation With a Limited Budget

You can save hundreds on energy bills every year by installing home insulation. At the same time, you do not have much money to invest in the materials and in professional installation. What should you do? There is a way out of this situation. In fact, you can apply a range of effective solutions at the same time. Find out what these are.

Start with the loft and move on to the walls.

It has been estimated that around 25% of all the heat lost in a house goes out through the roof. Another 35% of the lost heat goes through the walls. If you are on a limited budget, you should start with the loft simply because the project is less demanding and consequently cheaper. It may be possible for you to install the material by yourself without paying a professional to do it.

Later on, when you save more money, you can move on to the walls. Wall cavity insulation is the best option as it produces the most effective results and brings the greatest long-term savings. You can save by installing rigid foam panels directly onto the exterior walls. This type of project will be cheaper, but the energy savings may not be that large.

Compare different insulation materials.

It pays off to compare different materials so that you can pick the most efficient and cost-efficient option. You need to focus on the R-value of each material and on how thick the layer installed in your home can be. You should use a calculator to determine the total cost. You need to check whether you will generate greater savings by installing a thinner layer of material with high R-value or a thicker layer of material with lower R-value.

It is extremely important for the material to be durable. It should keep its insulating properties even when it is affected by moisture. The longer the useful life of the material is the more savings you will generate.

Get financial support.

There are three main sources of support which you need to check out. The first one is your energy company. They may have special insulation grants or other finance schemes which can be beneficial to you. You have to check what the national and local authorities have to offer. Typically, they run schemes which offer various allowances. Many lenders have special energy efficiency loans for consumers which come with a lower interest rate. These are worth your attention as well.

Use all of these tips to get the best home insulation on a budget.