A Revolution in Outdoor and Garden Heating – Far Infrared Heaters

Battling with the British weather and trying to stay warm is a common problem we often suffer; but when it comes to outdoor heating many of us feel at a total loss.

We’ve all witnessed it; the excitement at a heated outdoor area; the potential to still enjoy the outdoors even when the weather is freezing! Gas, oil burners and quartz infrared heaters are common solutions to outdoor heating in people’s gardens and public spaces; but do they really work?

The reality of traditional outdoor heaters.

  • Expensive to run; high wattage.
  • Give off harmful greenhouse gasses.
  • Rely on convection currents to heat the air; massive heat loss.
  • Limited heat reach; you must be very close to the source to benefit.
  • Can cause burning and irritation of the skin, headaches and eye damage.

Far Infrared Garden and Outdoor Heaters.

You may have heard of these revolutionary, clean, green and money saving heating solutions that are the latest craze for home-owners and businesses alike. But what’s the real deal; are they really as cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly as they say they are?

How Far Infrared Garden and Outdoor Heaters Work.

Low wattage and with absolutely no emissions, these heaters provide a high level of heat which can be directed and controlled to heat outdoor areas where traditional heaters have failed. Thanks to the latest technology, far infrared waves heat the objects in the area, rather than the air which creates a constant and stable temperature.

The human body naturally radiates far infrared heat, as it does with the sun, so whereas traditional heaters provided us with short-term bursts of extreme heat, far infrared heaters penetrate our skin and the furniture around us, allowing for a comforting, long-lasting warmth and less overall heat loss.

Because of this minimal heat loss, there are obviously great savings to be made on energy bills!

Pros and Cons of Far Infrared Garden and Outdoor Heaters.

  • Zero visible light given off; therefore zero damage to the user.
  • Longer wavelength which produces a gentle heat.
  • Requires approximately the same warm-up time as traditional heaters, however; they create a longer lasting warmth.
  • Heats a larger outdoor range because of the longer wavelengths which penetrate people and objects, not the air.
  • Absorbs into the skin, so you don’t have to fight with others to be directly in front of the heater to benefit!
  • It is inevitable that there will be some heat loss; yet significantly less than traditional heaters.
  • These heaters are available in a variety of sleek styles to suit any outdoor need whether at home or for a business.
  • Easy to install.
  • Completely maintenance free.
  • 100% green and clean.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient.

Far infrared garden and outdoor heaters are clearly the heating solution of the future; here’s to enjoying the British outdoors for longer.