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Finding a Plumber in Clearwater Florida

Finding a plumber in Clearwater is easy. How hard can it be? In fact, you really do not need to look very hard to find someone who can come out …

Energy Efficiency

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Electricity Deregulation – Giving You the Power to Choose

Electricity deregulation has been around for many years and affects a number of states. There are advantages to this for customers, enabling them to choose the best electric rates to …


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A Laminate Flooring Review – Are They Perfect For Your Home

Since 1982, when laminate floors debuted in the U. S. this particular type of flooring has seen a growth of about 20% per year in sales, most of this at …

Tile Flooring Made Simple

Home inspections

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Building Surveyor Comments on Radon Gas in Homes

What is radon? Radon is a radioactive gas which occurs naturally in the ground from the decay of uranium present in rocks and soils. It is estimated that the effects …

Environmental Services

Radon Testing

The Need for Home Inspection

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Maia Worktops Are Simply The Best

Kitchen worktops have always been a very significant portion of any kitchen. More often than not, good looking worktop will be one of the key features that will make the …